the oldest lumber trader in Vancouver
the first lumber trader to ever sell 200 cars to one customer (GP)
a BMW driver and sailboat cruiser
"I was a Yuppie, before Yuppie was in"

a selection of work day poems,
most presented to the credit department in good fun
some to mark the passing of good friends in "support staff"
remembering "the little people"

Good Bye!

It's now a fact He definitely won't stay
Reminds one of Custer's Last Stand
We couldn't even book the Salvation Army Band
Taiga has been warned that when you go
Your two speeds are stop and dead slow
Ten years in one job seems like a long time
If nothing else it made me make up another rhyme
Who's going to pour your coffee in the morn?
What's going to happen to your supply of office porn?
Best just to get on with the job
Ignore the other office slob
If you do as well in your new position
There will never be an internal inquisition
Just get on with it, get it done
We'll concede Pat Hamill and Co have finally won
Now is the day to say good-bye
May your new job give you a real high!

The Last Discredit

It'll be strange with old Tom long gone,
Can't understand what could have gone wrong.
Your are going to miss Rod and credit for O'brien and Canfor,
Crying, whining and rolling on the floor.
What about Kendall Sterling,
And his tale of slow pay unfurling.....
Lorne Rogers and his alias slick,
Doing his magic trucking trick.
Then of course Tom Davis the buyer,
Buying lumber on a flyer.
You'll certainly miss Bobby T,
Who's trades are faster than the eye can see.
Cavin Bachert, better known as bunny,
Can be gloomy even when its sunny.
Let's not forget our Tom Bird,
Who says credit can be absurd.
Also there is our friend Al,
The eastern Canadian dealers pal.
Can't forget old Bob Fraser,
Who puts deals together with a laser.
What about Mrs. Suttie's son Doug,
And his odd shaped coffee mug.
We can't pass by our local salesman Paul,
Who approaches sales with the thoughts of Saul.
We also have Ken the Whit,
Whose railroad rates give Betty a fit.
Ray and his thinning, graying hair,
Standing tall on his chair.
Plug alias Donny Hewson,
You know, you win some, lose some.
The President Paul S. Plant,
Who looks sometimes like Charlie's Aunt.
I know there are characters I've missed,
All this trivial stuff is meant to do,
Is to say we'll all miss you.
Now that you'll arrive at taiga on the bus
Please, oh please, don't forget us!


Barb's Last B-Train

Barb is down to her last plant B-train
To the rest of us it will create quite a strain
Sure it can be considered as a "Good Career Move"
After all these years what more can one prove.
Two decades - a total of twenty years
Time full of humour, laughter and some tears
Our position is going to be hard to replace
Can't do it with just any old face
All the vans, pups, tractor trailers and flat decks
Some where new, some old, even some wrecks
Suppose when the times are right, one must go.
Sure Olympic is okay-really don't know
Never thought the day would really come
Guess I must be cast in stone and then some
No matter, what I really wanted to say
Lots of luck, success, everything in every way!


Sally's Gone!

Our Sally has decided to make a change
The trading desk will surely look strange
Who's going to come in with a morning smile
Always dressed in a nice conservative style
Who are we going to call for a TX number
Who's going to look after our T/S lumber
We've had so many people come and go
A lot one could hardly get to know
Now you've chosen to go down the road
To help carry the Taiga load
Hope you find when you've tried one of the rest
We at RSP still rate amongst the best
Just the same I'm sure you find it hard to leave
Leaving behind all the peasants to grieve
Know the challenge will be fresh and new
Can't do better than wish the very best to you!.

June 27/84

XMAS '83

T'is the season to be jolly
To deck the halls with boughs of holly
To wish Merry Christmas to those with whom you work
Even the credit manager -the bearded jerk
Its time for the giving of a gift
In the hope it will give happiness and a lift
Its too bad they're some who will and some who won't
Some who do and some who don't
But when you fall into the "support staff" category
That's a completely different story
You're wrong if you say yes and wrong if you say no
Quit handling it like it's your dough
At least we all get a vacation till '84
Rod will be trying to slime and whine one through the door
Slick will skate one behind the scene
Beefy will be as good as he's ever been
Giant stands tall on his chair
Davis will disappear to count his hair
Bird will have an extra pint or two
Kendall will do whatever old rugby players do
Bunny will just sit back with his Bosch Grin
Doug will open a quart of gin
Don't forget old Steve Granger
He's got some strange babe away in the manger
Then there's Paul of the the original Plant
Still dressing like a character from Charlie's Aunt
Almost forgot buffet Peter Lefeaux
Who is the master at producing artificial snow
We've even got that new guy Neil
You know "everything we've got is a steal"
Can't leave out that Paul B bloke
RSP's official blower of the smoke
Course have to include Al and his Dog
Probably not skiing but full of nog
Almost forgot dear old Ron
So old he should be gone
Now that you've heard all this and that
Merry Christmas is where its at!

Poor TGC of 83

Since I'll never be allowed to forget
Credit managers a Christmas gift will never get
Decided that for the second year in a row
Santa and I can have another Ho!Ho!Ho
The "safe driver" size in scotch is hard to find
So you'll just have to settle for another kind
Certainly isn't intended to change your train of thought
Know that Tommy C can't be bought
Anyway at least the thought is there
Better to have something to drink than to wear
Appearances are often known to deceive
A drink is much easier to receive
Hope this helps make your xmas merry
Toast me with your next Tom & Jerry

RET for 83


On Tuesday we were short old Tom
Credit was easier to get than a Beirut bomb.
Really all that was there was an empty chair.
And lonely shoes - one pair.
When Carlson calls in sick.
For a target who else can I pick
So if you are going to stay away
Give notice - at least one day.
Better still admit is was a J.I.
So we can say farewell Bye! Bye!.
Now that you've come in to-day
I guess unfortunately you're here to stay
Maybe its only a ploy.
To show some potential for Hey Boy!


Did you hear what happened to Laurie Rae?
He's been rerouted down Lignum Way.
Maybe he didn't get enough of Robbie's steaks
Or one of Ron's famous birthday cakes
Could be too much of Jindy and Slick
Possibly Slack and Moterm was too much to hack.
How about Bird and his special Texas rates
Or Beefy with his cars and trucks mysterious fates
Then there is Bunny with his expediting list
And Granger emerging from the morning mist
Of course the trauma of the new SBD
And Giant standing on his chair to see
All the tantrums of our buddy Tommy D
Joanie and Suttie's rates we never see
Al needing a favour in Canada's far east
Lefeaux and his daily Bhuddas feast
All these good things will be in the past
But the memories will last and last
Don't forget the Railroads Golden Rule
No railroad errors and conserve the fuel
Don't collect too much demurrage and please divert.
Stay away from the rate and routing pervert
Its been lots of laughs and fun along the way
Too bad you couldn't stay
Good luck with your new endeavor
Hope some of RSP will be remembered Forever


Couldn't let xmas just drift past
Never know how long RSP might last!
So decided to remember Tom the Credit Guy
Don't ask - couldn't tell you why
Guess it might be the time of year
Sorry couldn't afford a case of beer
So just got this little gift
That might give your day lift.
A present from one of the trading staff
Not as a bribe - just for a laugh
Hope your xmas is a very merry
Your new year not just happy but very.