Damn Rights I'm Tired

For several years now, I've been blaming it on middle age, poor blood, lack of vitamins, air pollution, nutra-sweet, obesity, dieting, underarm odor, yellow wax build-up and another dozen maladies that make you wonder if life is really worth living.

                    But I have found out that these are not the reasons!
                 I'm tired because I'm overworked.
                The population of this country is 27 million.
                11 million are retired.
                That leaves 16 million to do all the work.
                6 million are in school.
                That leaves 10 million to do all the work.
                2 million are unemployed.
                4 million are employed (sic) by the government.
                That leaves 4 million to do all the work.
                1 million are in the armed forces.
                2 million are employed (sic) by municipalities and county councils.
                That leaves 1 million to do all the work.
                There are 620,000 people in hospitals.
                There are 379,998 people in prisons.
                That leaves 2 people to do all the work.
                YOU and ME and you are sitting on your ass reading this.
                No wonder I'm so bloody tired!