CreditAbility Publishing Inc. 
                                                                                                            October 14,1997


    It was with extreme interest I read the story-board for the proposed website.

    As you can appreciate, such an undertaking can be time consuming, particularly when
I would be attempting it on a part time basis.

    However, after due consideration and because there is no fixed time-line for the
implementation of the project I feel comfortable in proceeding with the initial design

    As explained, because the project will also involve a rather steep learning curve I
am willing to reduce my regular fee to a flat $50 per hour.  This sum will include
all graphics and scanner work involved and a final copy of the work delivered to you on
an Omega zip disk.

    If you could arrange to have good camera ready copies of your logos and full corporate
addresses along with any "mission statements" and vendor information delivered to me, I
feel I will be ready with a working draft by November 24,1997.

    After your approval of the draft I plan to have the final copy ready for delivery to
you before the end of the year.

    Please arrange for a $2000.00 advance to be included with the delivery of
your corporate materials.


    Tom Carlson
    V.P. Project Administration