Advertisement by the Rent-A-Riot Corporation, A Non-Profit Organization.
 Equal Opportunity Employer.

 Rent A Riot Product Line....

 Rent a Riot is our premium service....

-- Many former convicts on the payroll so getting arrested won't matter.
-- Guarantee major conflict with law enforcement authorities for great television pictures.
-- Premium fee we will get young rioters to get sympathetic support.
-- For an extra fee all posters and signs will be in bright and reflective colors.
-- Size of Riot is flexible and can be negotiated with composition of race, sex, orgin and age to our clients specifications.

 Our standard service:

 Rent Protest.

-- A minimum of 3 Busses of protestors. The work day for protesters start at 8AM to 5PM. Early and latter start timesare subject to state law overtime.
-- All protestors will have signs and poster in black and white. Color signs and posters are extra.
-- Foul language and screaming is a premium service.

 Rent a Spin.

-- Our corporation will spin any liberal topic for the media, general public or government forums.
-- If the truth and facts don't support the spin this is a premium service.
-- Premium service is to produce professional looking charts, graphs and statistics that may or may not be accurate in content.

 Preferred customers that use our service frequently are elite members and subject to corporate discount rate:

Members of this elite club are the New Democratic National Committee, Now Gang, Sierra Club, Green Peace, Criminals for America, Democratic Senior Association and more distinguished groups joining everyday.

 Remember when you need a protest, riot or a spin call Rent-A-Riot at
 1-800-RENT-RIOT today.

 We take Master card, Visa, American Express but prefer cash under the table.

 Take a Guess Who is President of the company?????