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It's Not About What You Do, It's About Your Right To Do It

If You Establish An Average Rate Of Production Per Employee,
Then By Definition Half Your Employees Will Be Below Average--
Even If The Whole Work Force Is Doing A Superb Job.

Saved From A Life Of Prosperity.

Thawed For Your Convenience!!!

A Preacher Can't Make No Money
Off A Man Who Won't Be Saved.

Situational Ethics.

Don't Throw Away The Old Bucket
Till You're Sure
The New One Will Hold Water.

If Ya Like What Ya Do
Ya Never Work A Day In Your Life.

Stop Accepting Reality.

My Boss Is A Jewish Carpenter.

Do Not Be Too Moral
You May Cheat Yourself
Out Of Much Life So.

The Certainty Of Misery
Is Better Than The Misery
Of Uncertainty.

The First Time I Walked Into A Trophy Shop,
I Looked Around And Thought To Myself
Boy, This Guy Is Good.

I'm A Vegetarian
So Were All The Animals
We Put In The Chili.

I Like Animals,
They Taste Great.

I Have A Question That Needs A Yes Or No Answer,
How Many People Get Into Yale Each Year?

I Only Take One Step At A Time
That Is Why I Was Only Given Two Feet.

Life Isn't A Problem To Be Solved,
It's A Mystery To Be Lived.

If This Situation Is Causing You Problems
Deal With It
Don't Get Adversarial With Me.

The Dumber I Get
The Better You Look.

Nothing Is Illegal If
100 Businessmen Decide To Do It.

You Be Honest With Me And
I'll Keep That In Mind When Talking To You.

I Don't Make Threats,
I Give Good Advice.

Lead, Follow or
Get Out Of The Way.

Everyday I Beat My Own Previous Record For
Number Of Consecutive Days I've Stayed Alive.

Celestial Navigation Is Based On The Premise That The Earth
Is The Center Of The Universe.  The Premise Wrong, But The
Navigation Works.
An Incorrect Model Can Be A Useful Tool.

If You Fail To Make A Decision,
You Have Made A Decision To Fail.

Old Too Soon,
Smart Too Late.

There Is Absolutely No Strategy
Involved With This Experiment In Stupidity

The Software Industry Is One Of  Two Industries That I Know Of
Who Refer To Their Customers As Users

You Can Discover What Your Enemy Fears Most
By Observing The Means He Uses To Frighten You.

No Man Is Rich Enough To Buy Back His Past.

Only Lie About The Future.

Behind Every Great Fortune There Is A Crime.

Those Who Danced Were Thought To Be Quite Insane
By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music.

A Graceful Taunt Is Worth A Thousand Insults.

A Man's Motives Are Secondary
To  His Accomplishments.

If You Want To Hear God Laugh,
Tell Him Your Plans.

A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief.

There Is No Atoning
Only Time Served.

There Is Only One Basic Human Right,
The Right To Do As You Damn Well Please.
And With It Comes The Only Basic Human Duty,
The Duty To Take The Consequences.

You Can Either Modify Your Behaviour
Or Adjust Your Standards.

You Can Always Hire One Half Of The Poor
To Kill The Other Half.

Nothing is quaranteed in the future
But The Past Gives Us Confidence.