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Policies Are For The Guidance Of Wise Men
And The Blind Obedience Of Fools.

The Words I Choose Only Mean What I Want Them To Mean,
Nothing More, Nothing Less.

Anglo-Canadian And Proud Of It.

Heat To 1600 degF And Hit With 9# Hammer Until Fixed!

Where Are We Going And
Why Am I In This Basket?

There Are Two Tragedies In Life.
One Is Not To Get Your Heart's Desire.
The Other Is To Get It.

Unsatisfied Desire Is In Itself More Desirable
Than Any Other Satisfaction.

One Can Find Women Who Have Never Had One Love Affair,
But It Is Rare Indeed To Find Any Who Have Had Only One.

Thomas, You Always Were A Cunning Linguist.


An Excess Of Honesty.

Regression To The Mean.

Indisputable Blind Faith.

Take Out The Fortune Before You Eat The Cookie.

I Am Truly Blessed By My Enemies.

First Agree To My Terms, Then,
We Will Negotiate.

Never Stand In The Way Of Your Enemy
When They Are Trying To Destroy Themselves.

I Am Fighting Poverty,
I Work.

Power Is Nothing, Without Control

I'm Afraid Of Widths.

We're Going To Turn This Situation Around 360 Degrees!

Absence Of Evidence Is Not
Evidence Of Absence

Anybody That Is Great At Anything,
Does It For Their Own Approval.

To Define Is To Kill,
To Suggest Is To Create.

You Don't Need Sight,
To Have Vision.

I Did A Bad Thing
For Good Reasons.

Time, Heat and Pressure.
The Same Things That Make A Diamond Also Make A Waffle.

If You Left Me In Charge Of Aircraft Design
The Damn Thing Would Never Get Off The Ground!

The Only Trouble With Baptists Is
They Don't Hold Them Under Long Enough.

The Closer To Caesar,
The Greater The Fear.

Chance Is Irrelevant,
We Will Succeed.

There Is No Permanent Solution.

Bridges Freeze Before Roads.

Grades Often Reflect Attitude,
Not Aptitude.

Loyalty Above All Else, Except Honour.

Narrow Life Down To What's Precious And Necessary,
In A World Of Complexity, The Best Weapon Is Simplicity.

One Is Never Too Old To Yearn.

A Few Things Are Important; Most Are Not.

The Memory Is The Second Thing To Go,
And I Forget What Was First.

Management Is Doing Things Right,
Leadership Is Doing The Right Thing

Don't Try To Impress Others.
Let Them Have The Fun Of Impressing You.

Different Spanks For
Different Ranks.

The Intelligence Of The Planet Is Constant,
And The Population Is Growing.

We Don't Stop Playing Because We Grow Old,
We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing.

I Was Sad Because I Had No Shoes,
Until I Met A Man Who Had No Feet.
So I Said, "Got Any Shoes You're Not Using?"

I Don't Know, I Don't Care,
And It Doesn't Make Any Difference.

I Don't Make Threats,
I Give Good Advice.

Crisis Of Faith,
Crisis Of Conscience.

Just Because I Am Paranoid,
Does Not Mean They Are Not After Me.

You're Just JEALOUS Because The Voices Only Talk To Me.

I'm Somewhat Of A Bullshitter Myself,
But Occasionally I enjoy Listening To An Expert.

You Never Make Strong Arguments Stronger,
By Combining Them With Weaker Ones.

What Are YOU Doing About What You Know?

There Ain't No Sin, There Ain't No Virtue,
There's Just What People Do.

I Don't Argue With My Wife.
I Might Win And Then I Would Really Be In Trouble.

No One Exceeds Their Potential.

Some Problems Are For Learning
Not Solving.

If It's Not Done By Us
It Will Be Done By Someone Else.

Delegate, Not Abdicate.

Even A Paranoid
Has Some Real Enemies.

The Answer To Crime,
Is Doing The Time.

Action Is Faster Than Reaction

Good, Fast, Cheap:
Pick Two.

Don't Worry About Life;
You're Not Going To Survive It Anyway.

Rome Was Not Burnt In A Day.

Breach Of Informed Consent.

Pain Is Inevitable,
Misery Is Optional.

Peace Is Not The Absence Of Conflict,
But Rather The Presence Of Justice.

You Can't Overpay A Great Executive.

The Reason Some People Don't Recognize Opportunity Is,
Because It Is Often Disguised As Work.

Credibility Is Not A Boomerang,
Give It Up And It Does Not Come Back.

If You Don't Know Where You Are Going,
Any Road Will Take You There.

The Whale Only Gets Harpooned
When It Spouts.

We Must Measure What We Might Gain,
By What We Might Lose.

From Conception To Extinction.

To My Knowledge I Have No Living Enemies.

The Balance Of Nature Has Been Working For Millions Of Years.
Why Do We Insist On Putting Our Thumb On The Scale?

Damn..... I Cut The Thing Twice.....
And It's Still Too Short!

Not Every Problem Has An Immediate Solution.

Sex Is Dirty.....
Only If Done Right.

Flirtual Reality?

Looking For A Meaningful Overnight Relationship?

A Wise Man Never Tries To Warm Himself
In Front Of A Painting Of A Fire.

Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

Life Is NOT A Dress Rehearsal.

Most People Are Truthful,
Most Of The Time.

The Road You Leave Behind Is A Road
You May Have To Travel Back Down.

Measure It With A Micrometer,
Mark It With Chalk,
Cut It With An Axe.

Love To A Man, Is But A Mood.

Do Not Try To Teach A Pig To Sing.
You Will Waste Your Time.
And Annoy The Pig

A Father's Wish:
To One Day Have Enough Money To
Live As Well As His Wife And Children.

You Can Not Make The Poor-- Richer
By Making the Richer-- Poor.

Timing Has A Lot To Do With The
Success Of A Rain Dance.

Give Me The Old Time Religion
--Odin Is Good Enough For Me.

It Is Easier To Apologize,
Than To Obtain Permission

No Word In The English Language Rhymes With,
Month, Orange, Silver And Purple.