(pay attention to the)
       writing on the wall
                      (next to the latrine)

"It's Not About Money and Power; It's about Information.  When You Control The Information,
You Control The Power AND The Money."

"There's plenty of room at the top---though never enough to sit down."

"Keep your mouth shut, your eyes open, your fly zipped, and do what you're told."

"never keep a subordinate of your own who has not learned to obey, no matter how competent otherwise.  Never---especially if that subordinate is competent."

"never ever get your meat where you get your bread."

"Remember, every firefly is not a fire."

"The more allies you have, the more sources of information that are available to you, and information is vital to you.  And remember, it pays (or you pay, in a variety of coin) to get information from the enemy, or from the neutrals, or even from your bosses.  And what you can't buy, you can steal (but don't get caught), and what you can't buy or steal, you can beat out of someone, metaphorically, of course.......Of course."

"the most important thing in your business relationships is a reputation for honesty.  If you can genuinely and sincerely fake honesty, you'll be a success, never doubt it."

"Never give business advice to another that doesn't profit you and your own interests."

"Never act on  business advice given you without getting second and third opinions.  Your trusted partners and associates may want to see you fail, so be wary."

"There are only two kinds of people: those who take bribes and those who give them.  Be a giver---of many kinds of bribes.  You can buy friends and allies, at least, up to a point.  (enemies you get for nothing)."

"Punish one, teach a hundred."

"Never Stand In The Way Of Your Enemies
When They Are Trying To Destroy Themselves"

"Fear, is the highest form of respect."

"Men stumble on stones, not mountains."

"We don't do anything ourselves that we can pay, con, or order someone else to do."

"Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."

"A man without enemies is a man without qualities."

"Different Spanks for different ranks."

"Fire can be concealed, not smoke."

"Opportunity makes the thief; the thief who has not opportunity to steal considers himself an honest man."

"Nothing weighs less than a promise."

"If you must hurt a man, do it so brutally you need not fear his revenge."

"When you are angry, close your mouth---and open your eyes.  But don't get angry, get even."

"If you must lie, be brief."

"There is no such thing as coincidence."

"Take warning from others of what may be to your own advantage.  Give others no warning."

"Don't use both feet to test the depth of the river."

"Necessity breaks all laws."

"Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you."

"There is no such thing as a harmless enemy."

"If you can't win, make the price of your enemy's victory exorbitant."

"Want of love or want of money lies at the bottom of all our transgressions."

"If you don't spot the mark in your first half hour at the table, you're it."

"A man in love---with no matter what---loses his pride and, with it , his reason.  Knowledge of this helps in dealing both with subordinates and enemies."

"A good liar will look you in the eye and speak in a strong, clear voice."

"There always comes a time to call in the markers."

"Never expect logic and reason to govern human affairs."

"Never make an enemy you don't have to."

"After victory, sharpen your knife."

"Many differences can be resolved between the sheets."