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    These days many men begin to experience erection decline in early middle age or sooner and like previous generations they ignore it as best they can.  One soon discovers that trying harder and thinking about it doesn't exactly help.  In fact, it often makes it worse.  Conventional remedies such as Yohimbine, penile injections and prosthetic surgery don't restore anything, yet the penis needs regular, sustained expansion and when our erections begin to lose youthful vigor we need a little help to regain it.  Just like a muscle in your arm: if you don't maintain it you lose it.  By ignoring this almost imperceptible atrophy we buy a little time but eventually rigidity and duration, in particular, begin to suffer.

    We have learned to stay mentally and physically fit as we age, yet established wisdom and mythology prevent us from pursuing a youthful erection.  External factors like cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, medications, cholesterol, stress and anxiety and numerous medical conditions all conspire to take their toll throughout our adult lives:  They can all diminish blood flow during sexual arousal.. Slowly but surely we lose duration, rigidity and sensitivity.  You can run 10 miles a day but it won't help your erection in the slightest!  If this was a muscle you would lift gentle weights to restore and/or maintain it.  Because it's our penis we expect/want it to look after itself!!

    Performance Plus (tm) is a medically approved clinical system that began its life as a method of restoring erections for men with medical problems such as diabetes, medications, surgery and injury.  In recent years it has been increasingly used as a preventative technique to restore erectile tissue.  Used as an 'exercise' two or three times a week, for 10 to 15 minutes, it permits the full expansion and engorgement of penile tissue.  Extra-sexual, strong, sustained, comfortable erections prevent this tissue from thickening and losing flexibility.  Even men with medical problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart medications and surgery can use this to prevent the inevitable decline or overcome it.  In the same way the regular lifting of light weights maintain tone and muscularity, maximum sustained blood flow and retention maintain rigidity, duration and sensitivity.  If you have declined you can still 'resurrect the dead or dying' by safely bypassing medical causes and problems.

    The vacuum system was invented in 1917.  The real breakthrough came with the advent of a unique, silicone constriction ring that supports the veins of the penis without excessive compression or discomfort.  A partial, controlled vacuum will maximize blood flow, the Confidence Ring (tm) will maximize sustained, comfortable retention.  You can safely have an erection for three hours although this is probably beyond most men's requirements.  If a man of 85 can restore a youthful erection, it's easy when you are younger.  Years of frustrating decline can be avoided!

    This system has been available in Canada since 1990.  It is prescribed by urologists coast to coast.  Clinically tested and absolutely safe, it no longer requires a prescription and comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee.  It's track record is second to none and sure as hell beats the pills, injections and surgery.