by Eric Bendall
ProMed heathcare Supplies Ltd

    IMPOTENCE is a common problem that affects millions of men of all ages.  It is defined as the inability to obtains or maintain an erection firm enough for intercourse.  An erection occurs when blood is drawn into the penis and is retained there for a certain length of time.

    Causes of impotence fall into several categories including psychological, injury, disease, hormonal imbalance, medication side effects and operations.  Psychological impotence may be referred to as performance anziety and is often treated with counseling.  Physical impotence can be caused by brain or spinal cord injuries or from surgery for removal of the prostate gland, bladder or rectum.  Common diseases which may create impotence include hardening of the arteries, hight blood pressure, diabetes and vascular diseases.  Certain medications such as those used to treat high blood pressure and depression may also cause impotence.  Alcohol and tobacco use can also contribute to this problem.

    Unfortunately, many men have been unaware that in the majority of cases impotence is treatable in a wide variety of ways.  Your Doctor/Urologist will discuss the most appropriate treatment for you.  One form of non-invasive treatment is the vacuum constriction device; it is well accepted, easy to use, safe and effective.

    How it works; A vacuum source attached to a cylindrical chamber is fitted airtight over the flaccid penis.  Activating the pump causes a rapid influx of arterial blood into the penis creating engorgement and rigidity, resulting in an erection.  A constriction ring is then placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection by keeping the blood in the penis.

    Recent studies concluded that external vacuum devices are "The least invasive, least expensive and safest" of current medical treatments for erectile dysfunction.  For further information, please contact your Doctor/Urologist.