november 1997

kyle  aaron   benda  dec 3 1995
mason  evan  benda  oct 6 1997

california  kids

KYLE 18 months, photo by Mac Perry



        JUNE 2001

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The latest addition crept quietly into nicole and stef's life

Aiden Tyr Panusa....was born at home on Saturday, April 12th 2003 at 9:26am. He came into this world met by outstretched, loving, ungloved hands and into natural lighting with no drugs or medical intervention. He was not poked, prodded or pricked. He has been held almost exclusively since birth and is very calm, relaxed, and yet aware of his surroundings.  


Summer 2004 "The Boys" Continue To Grow

May 20, 2005 "a granddaughter" is born and we welcome
Abigail Jordyn
destined to be dressed in pink by her very proud mother

  Aiden May 20 2007

  Abbi May 20 2007

the mother of my  four grandchildren

June 2007 Life does not get any better than this

What a difference 8 years can make... Summer 2009


fall 2009 school pics  aiden mason and kyle  "da boyz" now all in school, abbi gets a pic too but not in school


abbi spends a lot of time at ivivva athletica