Are you an Engineer?
                                          you may be if

         You know when the decimal point is in the right place.

         You are the one who always finds the blown fairy light bulb at Christmas.

         You introduce your wife as "my lady at home wife".

         You stare into the orange juice bottle because it says "CONCENTRATE".

         You use wire coat hangers for other than hanging clothes on.

         The height of your Christmas excitement is assembling the childrens new toys.

         You know the direction that water swirls when draining the bath.

         You have never taken the back off your TV to look inside.

         You are currently collecting components to build something - even if you are
         not quite sure what it might be.

         You have never saved the power cord from a broken appliance.

         One of your "things" is having check lists.

         You always use your handkerchief- to wipe a mechanical component clean.

         You still own a slide rule - and know how to work it.

         You own a complete set of specialised tools and don't know where they are.

         You have a neatly sorted collection of used nuts & bolts in your garage.

         Your IQ is higher than your weight.

         You have a habit of destroying things to find out how they work(ed).

         You use a compass but can't remember where you parked your car.

         You have friends on the InterNet in real life.

         Your bank account always balances.

         People groan at the party if you select the music.

         You think people around you yawn because they don't get enough sleep!