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To be ignorant is to be controlled.

                   Until the population has a clear understanding of the
                   propaganda devices utilized by the 'commissar class'
                   as methods of control and can see the 'emperor's new
                   clothes' that masquerades as 'objective', 'impartial' and
                   'unbiased' news reporting for what it really is, we are all

                   Until the information playing field is leveled and the
                   average citizen has access to the same information as,
                   say, the Phillip-Morris company, this is not, a truly free

                   Knowledge is power.

                   "A country cannot be both ignorant and free..."
                                   Thomas Jefferson

                   If Jefferson were alive today he would doubtless be
                   shocked by the blandness and uniformity of the popular
                   media. No longer the impartial Fourth Estate of
                   government envisioned by our founding fathers, the
                   media has turned its back on independent journalism
                   and instead opts for transcribing the opinions of the
                   ruling-class elites. When information is framed and
                   filtered through think-tanks, pundits, pollsters, and
                   'resident experts' like Henry Kissinger, Pat Robertson
                   and noted liar Oliver North, the population is being
                   subjected to nothing more than insidious propaganda
                   disguised as news.

                   In recent years, reports furnished by the World Bank,
                   the Club of Rome, and even avowedly conservative
                   think-tanks like the Rand Corporation have predicted
                   that at the current rate of fossil-fuel consumption,
                   de-forestation of the Wetlands, depletion of the ozone
                   layer, rising levels of greenhouse gases, population
                   overgrowth, ruptures in the food chain, etc., the planet
                   can sustain human life for another fifty years, at
                   best, without an unprecedented shift in the way we
                   currently do business.

                   Big business does not want you to know that.

                   It might be bad for the bottom line.

                   There is a war going on, an all out, total information
                   war that is being waged right now against every man,
                   woman and child on the planet. We are subject to
                   disinformation campaigns at every turn, from every
                   pollster, statistician, pundit, talking head expert, you
                   name it... we are being lied to so the rich can get richer
                   at the expense of Mother Nature and the very futures of
                   our children and grandchildren.

                   What the hell do they care about your kids?

                   Their families will be able to afford the finest, purest
                   oxygen bottled at a special source in the Swiss Alps.

                   This is a very critical moment in the history of the
                   human race.

                   R. Buckminster Fuller predicted that capitalism would
                   only achieve harmony with the environment when it
                   became profitable to do so.

                   Information is the commodity of the future...

                   If there are enough informed people, armed with the
                   significant intellectual ammunition necessary to combat
                   the distortion, innuendo, and cunning semantic
                   subterfuge of the popular media, a paradigm shift can
                   occur in this culture and we may be able to pull back
                   from the brink of political and environmental
                   catastrophe, before it is too late.

                   As philosopher Terence McKenna has remarked "This
                   is not a dress rehearsal for the Apocalypse...this is the
                   real thing folks."

                   And even Ronald Reagan said something to the effect
                   that if hostile alien invaders attacked Earth, we would
                   all band together, unite for the common good and
                   realize that we are brothers under the skin.

                   A pretty profound thought from the Gipper, huh?

                   And guess what...the Earth is being attacked, by
                   multi-national oligarchies and capitalist greedheads.

                   When fewer than 20 corporations own most media
                   outlets there is a need for an 'information antidote' to
                   counter the reality engineers of the corporate media.

                   The media dominates our lives and it sets our societal

                   It programs you, manipulates you and limits debate.

                   Whoever controls what you see, controls what you think.

                   While you're watching sitcoms, greedy bastards are
                   busy destroying the planet for a profit.

                   Information dissemination is the only way to
                   change anything.

                   Desperate times call for desperate measures...

                   The Internet is a revolutionary means of communication
                   that can decentralize power by providing everyone with
                   a voice. The Internet is the medium of global
                   information exchange and is the only place for truly free
                   information exchange, as it is not controlled by any one
                   organization or media cartel.

                   DisInformation will provide a portal to the emerging
                   radical intellectual movement flourishing in the World
                   Wide Web community and point users of the service
                   towards the highest quality, most powerful and culturally
                   important information the Internet has to offer. There is
                   a thriving counter culture living in cyberspace, a place
                   bearing scant resemblance to AOL's 'Mayberry RFD'...

                   DisInformation will encourage skepticism and
                   common sense. It will provide the context that intelligent
                   people desperately need in order to form responsible
                   opinions. The exchange of ideas from different cultures
                   and value systems will promote understanding and
                   create a true 'Global Village.'

                   DisInformation - for people who believe that what you
                   don't know can hurt you.

                   You have the right to remain stupid...

                   Or you can storm the reality studio.

                   Good luck.