He Was A Simple Man Who Died Of Complications
                                                     ( 1928 - 1994 )
                                   A First Citizen of The Republic Of Western Canada
                                          "Eat Dessert First, You Never Know"

MARINE ENGINE  Slip Eccentric Reversing 

Blackstaffe Design         Bore    1 3/4 "
built by:                                 Stroke 2 3/4 "
Gordon Carlson              This (steam) engine develops about 1 H.P.
                                               and swinging about a 14" prop is
                                               suitable for a 14' boat.

What is done with me after I exit this world is something I will have no control over, nor
will I turn over in my grave no matter what  is done.  However, it wouldn't hurt my feelings
if I were burnt up  in a cardboard box and a ceremonial handful of dirt thrown on
mom's grave.  The pageantry of a funeral is not a necessity.  It's  not that I'm against
Christianity--just so called Christians, such as  the pretender that conducted mom's funeral!

On my death your object should be to cheat the system  (i.e. lawyers and tax men), loot
the estate as legally and  expeditiously as possible.  One way might be  to give everyone
a low  interest loan with the term extending till at least the probate date, taking care of gift
and tax laws.

Looking to the future it might be wise to consider retaining  in the family, some of the
engines and tools etc. that I have  made.  Items such as these have a way of increasing
in value  intrinsically.

(Gordon Carlson a letter to his children
March 31, 1992)

from Beatnik to Bugger he died at 66 and is sorely missed.