A Separatist Speaks

by Douglas Christie

This country Canada in everything it does, destroys the best and elevates the
worst. This is really the classic indication of a corrupt society. The worst of
it is that the people generally love to know that this corruption exists in
their leadership. They will flock to buy books like Stevie Cameron's "On the
Take" about Mulroney's corruption. But they refuse to see this corruption in
themselves. Canadians in the main have been on the take from their politicians
for a long time.

These insights come to me after a long, seven days of trial in which the crown
relied upon four proven liars to convict one man who employed three of them and
now employs 10 or 11 others. He was a young, aggressive, straight white male who
succeeded in business and believed in hard
work. They hated him. The jury loved losers and whiners who envied him and
eventually admitted they wanted to take his business. They "compromised" which
is the Canadian way. They convicted him on one count and acquitted him on the
other so they could go home. All on much
the same evidence for both. Logic be damned. Justice be damned. We must agree.
We don't fight.

In the 20th century, in at least two great wars and a thousand other battles,
Europeans have destroyed the best and elevated the worst over and over again,
repeating in the macrocosm what I have seen in the microcosm. They have had bad
leadership but they have followed it willingly to their doom. They may have
regretted it but they submitted to their fate. What the third world could not
build or destroy, they, the Europeans have destroyed themselves in fratricidal
wars. What the weak, and whiner could not build or destroy the leadership have
torn to shreds themselves while the people just go alone. We elevate to mythic
status Churchill, the ally of Stalin and Roosevelt. We demonize Hitler. We
motivate millions to believe that the fratricidal war was justified by the
holocause. We elevate our fratricidal war to the status of an official religion,
deviation from which demands universal, instant and complete vilification. For
such a people, so embued with their sickness and love of sickness is their any
hope? We make a compulsory state religion, the great holocause museum, where
children learn to hate their ancestors.

The jury sheepishly walked out. At least the men do. They know in their hearts
they destroyed the best. The women are hard, cold, and proud   fierce in their
satisfaction that they have castrated another "dominant" male. The looks on
their faces told it all for me. The women of today have
taken the power in the land by the abdication of the men. The latter in their
guilt cannot see fit to assert themselves. They wallow in self-pity. In the smug
society in which we live, their self-hatred passes for humility and they go
along to get along. From such men and such women no good
can come. The nation of Canada continues its slow steady progress to its moral
doom. ("The times are out of joint! Oh, cursed spite that ever I was born to set
it right.")

These thoughts arise in the night as I despair of seeing people capable, men or
women, of grasping a vision and lifting themselves to build a new nation, a new
people. Can we rise from this suicidal hatred of goodness and greatness? Can we
throw off the nice Canadian mentality of promoting
the worst and rejecting the best as too extreme or too demanding. They have
loved the evil of Trudeau and Mulroney. They embraced those evil men with
enthusiasm. They cast them aside for even worse liars than the last each time.
Should I risk all I have to go and give these people a vision of truth, freedom,
justice, hope? Do they deserve to have a goal of such heroic proportions offered
to them? Their history is full of the rejection of heroic sacrifices and
preference for foolish escapes.

There are no easy solutions. But is it not the height of folly to believe in the
possibility of reform of a system made up of such people. If Canada and all its
present identity, government, media, power structure and symbols of authority
remain, then real reform of these people is impossible.
Once again I come to the realization, only in Independence is there any real
hope for the spiritual revitalization of our people and the manifestation of a
heroic role model for the European male. The leader is always the source of such
a model. The leader must always epitomize the ideal of the nation. Our present
leadership epitomizes making clever and unprincipled compromises with the devil.

He makes deals to sell our future to China while opening the doors to the alien
invasion to step on the Canadian treadmill which is seized and grinding slow by
the staggering weight of the debt and taxes too heavy to be borne by the few
white males being born here.

While I think of it, the mindless banter of the sheriffs, clerks and reporters
while the jury was out in this case was full of references to the fact that
abortion was necessary because only a two income family could support a child
these days. They prefer to kill their babies rather than change the system or
even ask why.

My anger burns me up. I ask myself sleeplessly how have I spent my life while my
land and people were consumed by the fire of their deadly self-deceit? I am
fighting small brush fires in a sea of flames. My life once was devoted to a new
country. Now I am devoted to raking leaves and
placing them in a spot to rot. My children are fed, sheltered and clothed while
their future is mortgaged and their culture given away for a mess of pottage,
not by me, but by what I don't stop.

The land they will inherit will be a pale shadow of the one I knew, a burnt up,
stump-filled wasteland of polluted streams and drug and crime-filled crowded
third world cities where they will be hated for the colour of their skin. Am I
really doing the best for them?

Those who care for me fear for me because I am waking to reality. "Go back to
sleep!" they say, "like us." "Don't let reality frighten you. It is only a
nightmare. Go back to sleep." This is going on inevitably, and nothing can stop
it, they say. This is the way people are and the way as they were
meant to be. You can do nothing about it. Yet I cannot help but feel this
complacent life of idleness is too much like the drowsy sleep that precedes the
final sleep form the noxious gas which is slowly poisoning us all, men, women
and children. I feel I must arouse myself and fight this
sick thing, Canada, with all my might, while still I can arouse, for it and all
its evil works, is killing me and mine with its sleepy death.